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This online realty that I've been so fortunate to own (at least for this moment in time) has slowly evolved into a safe space that I've sought solace in. There are times when the news shared online paints such a grim picture of the world we live in, I find myself gravitating back to A space that only seeks to share good stuff. Or stuff to make us think and expand our minds... just a little bit more.


Throughout these 2 years, I've indulged in books, activities, places and have met people who allow me the luxury to immerse myself in a moment of positivity and learning. I've felt like I've been fortunate enough to use my brain as a portable hard drive, downloading information and rewriting old scripts that are due to be rewritten. 

Just as how others have helped me to be a tad bit better version of myself everyday, I'm brain dumping on this site, in hopes that my sharing will in turn help others.


Information is powerful, but it can be made harder if there's more cognitive energy needed to navigate through an online labyrinth filled with misinformation, and subliminal marketing/advertising text and images pushing products and services that may not necessarily be beneficial for you. 


No nonsense. Straight up stuff I've experienced and would genuinely like to share. Here's to a better version of ourself tomorrow, and the day after.

This site is born out of love. Love for people, animals and the ground we live on.

Welcome to my online world, and may we meet offline in the near future. xxx Elisa


**If I've used an image that belongs to you, and you wish to remove it, please do let me know via, and I'll remove it immediately. This site is only meant for sharing purposes, and no money is made (including endorsement or referral links). I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.**

**If you wish to be featured, or be a part of, please do let me know at, I'd love to connect!**

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