Plant-Based: Investing in The Industry

Investors put their money into companies with the intention that the value of the company increases, thereby providing them with healthy financial returns.

In many countries, it's now easier than ever to raise capital through venture capital, private equity, traditional financing institutions and the like. Investors are unfettered by geographical boundaries, hungry for good deals, and promising opportunities.

Within that massive capital pool, there has been a growing number of investors who solely invest in plant-based companies with both the notion that they want to invest in companies where their personal values-aligned, and that they will provide healthy financial returns. 

But really, how big is the plant-based industry, and is it growing? Are these plant-based investors simply throwing their money into future duds, or tapping into the juggernauts of the future?

The stats below provide a general insight into answering the questions above. 

(unless stated, all facts shared are US-based researched data)  

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